I am a builder living and working in Singapore. I like it here because there is tons of great cheap eats, and the weather never makes me think about what to wear.

All my life I have loved building things, and I cannot help but get passionate when I see a problem that I can fix. I have explored building projects in many different ways and scales, but found building software solutions the most rewarding.

Currently I am working on Cypher Forge, which hopes to fix the way institutions trade cryptocurrency.

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03 Mar 2017 . Dev . How to set up an amazing blog with jekyll, Amazon S3 and Travis-CI (Part 3) Comments

It feels like anyone who wants to be in the technology space needs a website/blog, and I could not be left out! I decided to venture into running my own website, and set out with the goal of making it fast and cheap. In theory my website will run for the rest of my life, hence working a bit extra upfront to develop a cheap solution will save me money in the long run. Plus I get to learn about a lot of interesting web technologies!

This is a three part series, each focusing on a...



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